May 5, 2008

Taking the plunge...

I think I finally made the decision to go for my Masters degree. I spoke with someone today from Spring Arbor University about their Counseling program and it sounded like a perfect fit for Jordan and I at this point in life. They have an "accelerated" program that would allow me to finish in 32 months taking class only 1x a week. Sounds GREAT! I have to get all my application materials in ASAP - and hopefully I will be able to begin in August. AHH!! It is scary, but I am thrilled. Prayers would be appreciated... that my app will get in on time (which mainly means my references) and that I will be accepted and able to begin in August!

Jordan and I have lately been doing more around the outside of the house while the inside is on "hold" for a little while. It is sooo nice with the warm weather and fun to play outside with Macy. :)

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