August 16, 2008

So little time.

This summer has flown by and I can't believe that we are heading into fall already. Stores already have Halloween candy out (ridiculous) and the air is getting cooler and cooler (which I personally like).

Gettin' Educated

First on the agenda of updates is the fact that I was accepted to Spring Arbors Masters program for School Counseling! (Yaay!!!)... which is both exciting and terrifying. I know I will do great if I stay disciplined, but it will be time consuming. And this is my last weekend as a free woman - I start Tuesday (On August 19... mine and Jordan's anniversary).

Hike the Smokeys

Late in July - Jordan and I spent a wonderful relaxing week in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We hiked, shopped, and watched cabel TV!!! It was great to get away from it all before I start into my busy school schedule and we are considering it our 2 year anniversary trip a little early. :) There is a reason they are called "Smokey". This is the view from one of the hiking trails we did. This one went 10 miles (round trip) up to Mount LeConte.
We did a hike up to Rainbow Falls - an 8 mile loop that ends up at a 80 ft free falling waterfall! It was beautiful! However... weeks later we heard in the news that a young boy and his father were mauled by a bear on this very trail!! Yikes!... scary!

Can You Feel the Love??

On July 3, 2008 my sister, Krista and her boyfriend of nearly 7 years, Ben, got engaged!!! (finally.) They are getting married on May 23, 2009 and I couldn't be MORE thrilled for them! It will be great when Ben is finally an official member of the family. They asked Jordan and I if we would take their engagement pictures - something we have NEVER done before - but we agreed... keeping in the back of our minds that it was free and if they sucked they could always pay a professional. :) However, I was pleasantly surprised at how GREAT they turned out!! Of course - it makes it easier when you are taking pictures of such photogenic people. Here are a few of my favorites...(p.s. if you click on the picture you can see it life size!)

2nd Annual "Hunting Club" Weekend

Last weekend we met up with my parents and Ben and Krista for a weekend at the "Hunting Club" up near Standish. The "Hunting Club" is what it is... meant for hunting... with a lodge to show all of the successful hunting trips throughout the years. We stayed at my grandparents old trailor - which was probably bought a good 40ish years ago... needless to say it needs some updating, but it works for a nice getaway. Jordan, Dad, and Ben have had talks of someday building a cabin up there and making it nicer for weekend trips.

This is Ben throwing himself off the paddle-boat into the mucky lake. Macy had her first swim at this time too! She was SHOCKED at first, but eventually ended up jumping off the boat and paddling a short way to shore to come back to her mommy (me.)

You better believe that there was fishing.

We were corn-holein' with the best of them. I'm pretty sure I was beat each time I played.

Macy had the time of her life running around free in and eating lots of sticks. I think Dad enjoyed playing with her too... not sure who enjoyed it more though. :) Haha.

While we were in Vol Country, we got Macy a Tennessee Vols scarf so she can cheer the team on with Mom this fall.

2nd annual hunting club family photo. This time including Macy who is not quite sure what that blinking light is on the camera. :)

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  1. Lindsy!

    I love the update! How is the running going? We need to see you guys again soon! You'll do great in school...I'll be praying!