November 30, 2008

Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. How time flies! We had the pleasure of spending time with Jordan's family for the whole weekend which was a great time! I always enjoy spending time with them and playing with his younger brothers - Kevin - 16, Joel - 14, and Drew - 12 in 2 weeks! I never had younger brothers, so it is kind of fun for me to hang out with them and be kind of a "big sister" role... although much of the time was spent playing video games. :)

This Thanksgiving I was able to really sit and dwell on how incredibly blessed Jordan and I are... and I feel more thanks in my heart than I think I have before. In my new job, I am working to help eliminate hunger and poverty... which is all around us... in our own neighborhoods and cities... and we don't see it, unless you look for it. This year, the need has hit us stronger than ever before... and I am so extremely thankful for stable jobs and not having to worry about food on the table or paying bills. I realize more and more that this is a blessing from God... and not something that I have earned or deserve. I am thankful for a loving husband who clearly puts others ahead of himself. I am truly blessed!!

Here are some pics from the weekend. Unfortunately we didn't have the camera out much except for the last hour we were there... but oh well! And most of the pictures are of the dogs... but I am thankful for them too!!

Mom Griffis and Drew make homemade rolls. Mmm mmm!

I had lots of fun with the pups! :) The more dogs the better in my book!

Again... happy to be covered with pups!

Macy and her cousin Buster being good dogs.

Haha... Macy's reaction when I gave Buster the treat first.

We had the first annual Thanksgiving get-together at our house this year with our friends. :) We have "segregation nights" where all us couples get together only to segregate the boys from the girls and have some good bonding time!

And of course Macy demands to be the center of attention.

Yummy cheese dip!