December 1, 2008

About Me

::Lindsy Griffis::
I am a young nonprofit professional working as Development Director of a small local nonprofit in Grand Rapids, MI.  Although I am new to the nonprofit sector, I am fascinated by what I have learned in the past year.  I am passionate about the good that is happening in the Grand Rapids community and continually look for ways to educate myself in the area of nonprofit development, leadership, organization, and advocacy.  While you are sure to hear me talk about the work I do as Development Director, know that my thoughts and beliefs are mine separate from any organization I may be involved with.

Apart from work, I am first and foremost a wife and a Christ follower.  My husband, Jordan, and I live in Grandville, MI and have a cat and a dog (whom I love).  We are musicians through and through and enjoy listening to and making music together.  Reading is also a favorite pastime of ours and you may find me reading the latest book on leadership, faith, or personal growth.  I will be sure to mention my favorites.  Jordan and I are also what I would call “core church people”.  We are natural leaders and are passionate about the work of the church.  At this time we are in transition and are looking for our church home – we are excited to see where we land at the end of this detour.

I have always been an avid “journaler” – even before blogs existed (if you can believe that!).  I have decided that it is time to let the social networking world in on this conversation and see what we can possibly share and learn from each other.