January 16, 2008

lookin' forward

I have missed blogging. I used to post on a weekly basis and I loved it - helped me to gather my thoughts and take on a different perspective.

Lately my thoughts have been on whats next. I have a difficult time being content with where I am which is a blessing and a curse. In some ways I don't take the time to be thankful for where I'm at
right now and what I've been blessed with. On the other hand, it is good to keep moving forward. Right now I am looking into graduate school. After much thinking and evaluating, I think that school counseling may be the right path. It is a better fit for me and what I want in life than getting my MSW and I would actually be excited to begin school again! Jordan is excited and supportive of this, just wants to make sure that we wouldn't be too busy for each other. Crazy as it is - sometimes I feel like we have less time together now than when we were dating. We'll make sure we have our time together though... regardless of how busy our schedules are. And I really like the idea of being on a school schedule when I have kids one day. If it takes some tough work for the next couple of years to get there, that is worth it in my opinion. In the meantime, I know Jordan sometimes feels great with his job and sometimes doesn't. Pray for clarity and direction for him as well. He is also waiting for whatever is next (..aren't we all..) Sometimes it is just difficult to be patient.

Macy began puppy kindergarten a couple of weeks ago!! :) I am so proud of her - she is doing great! She is a wimpy puppy sometimes, but has been going through tunnels and up ramps like a champ! I love my babies.

Love you all.