July 10, 2008

Training Mode...

SO - I have decided that I am going to train for a 5K this fall! There are a number of races in September, so that gives me 2 months to get ready. I want to get in shape and try to increase my endurance to run further and faster! I have already run 3 days this week with my longest run being 2.8 miles. I read an article by Jeff Galloway to increase mileage by 1/2 a mile each week on my long run. My long runs are going to be on Saturdays, and I'll use this blog to update my training as well! So - this Saturday, I'll be running 3.3 miles (and we'll see if I can actually run the entire time...). Here is my route...

I am really excited to push myself in this way... I was on a consistent running schedule last summer and never felt better. I need to keep it up!!

Also... yesterday I had my interview/timed test for grad school. I was so nervous, because on Tuesday my admissions rep had called me and told me that from the last batch of interviews 4 people were rejected!! I found this to be quite discouraging, but did my best and will pray that those making the decision would seek God's guidance in this!! And... if I am not accepted, that means I have some praying to do about what God wants for my life! I would be absolutely THRILLED to be accepted, but I know it is competitive... I'll keep you upated.

One last announcement... Last week Thursday Ben and Krista got ENGAGED!!! I am so so thrilled for them. They have been dating nearly 7 years and have handled their relationship in such an amazing way, pleasing to God. I can't wait to be a part of their wedding (I am the matron of honor... sounds so old!). We are getting together tonight to begin the first steps in planning! Fun!!

Lots of changes - as always! But they are all good. Thanks so much for your friendship and prayers!