November 5, 2009

Those Eighty Acres... and so on.

I just gotta say that I am thrilled for Jordan's new band - Nate Scott & Those Eighty Acres.  These guys have been playing together for about 6 or 8 (or more?) months and are going to be releasing their first CD very shortly!  It is called "1905" and it is seriously one that you can listen to straight through.  It has been in my CD player all week and I love it.  SO - here is my little plug for their album.  I think you should give it a listen to when it is released in a few weeks.  Not to mention some pretty awesome guys in the band. :-)

 Some more updates...

 Work is crazy busy right now.  We are in the midst of our busiest "need" season at the pantries, etc... along with our busiest "we need help" season.  I have fundraiser events and appeal letters coming out my ears right now.  I can't wait til January when we can look back and see that everyone was fed and that once again, God was good and provided for us financially.  Until then, we'll all be working our tails off.  The break between Christmas and New Years will be much needed!!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Jordan and I are planning on going down to Tennessee with the rest of the family to see Ben and Krista!  We haven't seen them since July and I am VERY excited to spend some time with them.  We had gotten used to having Ben around and I always miss my sister when she is gone... so it will be a great week of catching up and creating memories!  I am excited to get out and do some hiking (maybe shopping?) as well!!

For the past year and a half Jordan and I have been what I call "church homeless".  We have been searching for a home church where we can really sink our roots into and it has not been an easy search.  I just feel like where you go to church is such a personal decision, and at the same time you want to leave yourself open to God's leading.  Jordan and I visited many churches and spent significant time at a few.  There were some where I felt like I could be happy there, but Jordan wasn't ready to settle and vice-versa.  We needed to find a place where we both felt at home and felt like God could challenge us and use us.  Well... after many many many months of searching, Jordan and I have landed at Crossroads Bible Church.  We have been going there for a couple of months and we both love it.  We feel challenged every week by the message Rod brings and just love the embracing community there.  We have recently gotten connected with their music team and start our first bible study there on Sunday!  It is hard to be new at a church regardless of how much you like it.  I am really excited to start meeting people and build relationships with others who go there.  We both feel very good about this decision and can't wait to see how God uses us and this church.

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