January 26, 2010

Me vs. gluten

One thing I have changed in the past few months is going completely gluten-free.  For years I have had issues with near daily headaches, diarrhea, fatigue, bloating, etc.  The headaches were annoying to deal with and I got my eyes checked and everything, but I would always tell Jordan that I just always felt like it was related to my gut.  I knew that if I ate certain foods, I would feel the awful side effects afterward.  The diarrhea and fatigue and bloating... honestly I just thought that it is the way I was and I was just tired... and sat on the toilet a lot (TMI... I know.).  I finally went to see my doctor in November and he found a vitamin B deficiency and told me to start eating gluten-free because my symptoms were indicative of a gluten intolerance.  In his opinion - gluten is a no-good protein and everyone should avoid it... and after reading about gluten intolerance I understand why.  Among that list of headaches, bloating, diarrhea, etc... is also things like infertility, anemia, skin rash, nerve damage, depression.  Ugh.  With a list like that, I am happy to avoid gluten.  Now, I have not been tested for celiac.  I have just done the elimination diet and most definitely felt the results.  Actually I feel the results more now when I get "glutened" and am sick on the couch with a headache the rest of the night.  But... knowing that gluten affects me the way it does with the headaches, etc... I am willing to stay off it.  The slight chance that my body is also responding fertility-wise... I'm glad that I am avoiding it.  It is pretty easy to avoid at home.  The hard part is going out to eat, but more and more places are becoming more mindful of food allergies and it hasn't been horrible by any means.   Plus - I feel great!

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