February 8, 2010


Sickness is never fun... sickness that messes with your temperature when you are trying to get pregnant and your BBT is the only way you can tell if you ovulate is definitely not fun.  But maybe my body is forcing me to take a break...

It is kind of nice to honestly not know if I am ovulating or not right this second... we're still trying every other day, but for the past week I have either had a fever (boo) or have had trouble sleeping, which makes my temps unreliable.  I am okay with that.  I just got a call from my doctor that they want to do some bloodwork to test my thyroid and some other hormone levels.  I guess another step in the right direction.

Also I dropped off the semen analysis this morning (fun fun!!)... so I should hopefully have results on that this week.

In the meantime... I feel like I am swallowing needles and I am going to REST and drink lots of tea. :-)

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