February 2, 2010

Trip to the doctor...

Well today I had my doctors appointment.  I brought my charts with me and got a chance to just talk about my concerns and get feedback.  My doctor was really on the same page as me.  She had concerns with my cycles being as long as they are and also with the fact that I bleed for up to 15 days surrounding my period.  Looking at just my temps, she isn't concerned about my luteal phase, but because of the spotting she said I may have luteal phase defect.  Sooo... she is thinking that my best bet may be to use clomid.  Clomid helps women who ovulate irregularly to have more regular cycles.  It also helps to balance your hormones if there is an imbalance (hence the bleeding).  We are already past the starting point since I have been charting for 6 months... I know that I DO ovulate... but that some cycles it isn't until cycle day 52 (ugh.)... so this should help with that.  My doctor said normally they wait a year before doing any kind of this treatment, but because of my cycle lengths and bleeding, she feels confident this will help me a great deal.

So the next step before clomid is to get a semen analysis.  40% of all infertility is male factor and we need to understand that before I start on any drugs.  If it turns out that J doesn't have good swimmers :-( then they may say it isn't worth doing clomid at all and would jump to IUI or something of that nature... saving us time and $$.  So we'll see.  We're doing the semen analysis within the next 2 weeks and I should have answers 3-5 days after that.  I'm anxious for some answers.

A friend of a friend has been trying for a couple months longer than me and had a miscarriage at about 6 months of trying.  Her doctor found a hormonal imbalance and put her on clomid and she conceived her first cycle... not that this will happen for me, but I am hopeful. 

I don't feel anxious... I feel good about this decision, but the unknown is always scary.  Thanks for the prayers... they are working. :-)

- wisdom for the doctors and for us... that we would get clear answers from the testing done and feel good about the course of action.
- that J and I would be on the same page... a semen anaylsis and clomid DO cost money... not near what IVF would (it is really only maybe $200 if insurance doesn't cover anything... which I am thinking they will)... but J and I need to be on the same page and for J, money is always a factor and I just pray that God provides as we head down this road.
- PEACE... I have really felt your prayers on this one... no anxiety this month... I feel patient and at ease with this process.

Love you all!

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