March 4, 2010

Day One

Well, lovely AF (Aunt Flo... aka... my period... you'll get the TTC lingo down eventually...) arrived today.  I was *slightly* hopeful that this month would be the month and we wouldn't have to go on to any fertility drugs... but God has other plans. :-)  I could feel it coming on last night and gave my self a mini pity party... frustrated thinking WHY can't this just happen normally for me???  But this morning I'm over it and really just trying to TRUST in God's plan... knowing that God is sovereign... he has already written the details of my life and this is his story for me.  So I accept it.  And I am hopeful for next cycle.  Funny thing this cycle (as I give the intimate details) was that I had NO spotting.  Weird.  I always have spotting for like 4-5 days before AF and usually AF is like a week long.  I guess AF decided to be especially cruel this month - tricking me into thinking that I could possibly be pregnant, because there was no spotting even at 12dpo... but no such luck.

Good news this month is that I start clomid on Monday.  I'm supposed to keep on doing by BBT charting and see if this will actually help me ovulate.  I'll have more bloodwork and testing after I ovulate to check my hormone and progesterone levels and all that fun stuff.  We'll try it for a few months (MOST women who get pregnant on clomid do so within 3ish months) and then move on to bigger and more expensive things! 

I'm so glad my doctor recognizes that we clearly need help conceiving and isn't making me wait til June.  We are at 9 months of trying right now.  I learned this the other day too... 

Definition of Infertile: Not able to conceive after a year of regular intercourse without contraception. 

I am praying that THAT definition will never apply to me.  I so appreciate your prayer... right now I'm just praying that clomid would work.  I would be THRILLED if it just made me ovulate sooner than cycle day 35.  If this actually gave my body what it needed to get pregnant... that of course would be amazing.

As for other things in life... I am excited to see my parents, sister, and brother-in-law next weekend down in Indy!  I am also very very busy with things at church.  I've joined a women's bible study that is really challenging me and my spiritual discipline.  Just awesome.  I'll probably write about that another time. :-)

Love you all!

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