March 10, 2010

Good music for a good cause

In case you don't know - Jordan has been part of a band for the past year called "Those Eighty Acres".  You can find them on Facebook, MySpace, and Bandcamp (where you can actually hear all of their music)!

Anyway - I am super excited and proud of them.  They had their CD release in December and have been playing all over the city (and state... and soon-to-be country!) ever since.  Tonight they are doing a show at Billy's Lounge to raise money for the American Red Cross.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when artists do shows for a good cause.  That may have something to do with the fact that I am in the non-profit world and know that anytime you can mix fun and fund raising is a for sure good thing.  So I love that they are doing this and hope that they will continue to find ways to support the GR community with good music and awareness of good causes.

Of course I love to see Jordan doing what he loves.  He is a happy happy man when he is playing his guitar. :-)

So all that to say - if you have tonight free... go to Billy's Lounge and check these guys out.  Or at LEAST check them out on March 25th when they play at Founders.

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