March 21, 2010

Needing patience.

Every once in awhile something happens and I find myself super frustrated that getting pregnant hasn't been easy for us.  Learning today at church of more people who weren't trying, but ended up pregnant just feels like a punch in the gut to me today.  I yelled out "Why is it so easy for everyone but us???" (clearly not a true statement).  But my wonderful husband says, "Because God's plan is different for us!"... *grumble grumble*.  My time will come.  I just need an extra dosage of patience right now.  The end of this month is feeling weird to me.  It marks when I would be due if I had actually had gotten pregnant when we first started trying.  I remember starting to try and then realizing that the Fundraiser Gala at work would be just a couple of weeks later and thinking *this might not be the best idea, but oh well*... well - I guess Access doesn't have anything to worry about because this time is upon us and no pregnancy yet!  Okay, I am done complaining for now. :-)  I got my 5 minutes of complaining out and now I am done.

In other words, clomid seems to be working!!  I am not 100% certain yet (I should be tomorrow if I discover my temps are still high), but I am pretty sure I ovulated on Friday... which is CD 16... which means I will possibly have a 30 day cycle... which is UNHEARD of for me!!!  I usually don't ovulate until day 30!!  So - I am thrilled with that.  Now, I just need to wait to see if clomid worked its magic to make us pregnant.  But honestly, even if we're not, of course I would be disappointed, but at least I know it makes me ovulate, which is joyous news (in Jordan's words).  :-)

Anyway... I have taken up sewing to pre-occupy myself and pass the time.  You can learn about my very first sewing project HERE.  I am pretty proud of it... and excited about this new crafty venture. 

That is all!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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