March 31, 2010

The waiting game.

I am 12dpo (days past ovulation) and still getting BFN's (BIG FAT NEGATIVES).  I am thinking that we did not get pregnant this month, but I know I'm not out til AF shows.  I went to see the Dr. today and she is happy that it did indeed make me ovulate and says that we can try clomid as long as we want to... it is really up to us how much money we want to put in to make this happen.  I am happy staying with clomid for a few more months, considering it only cost us $6!!  She did say that IUI would probably not make much difference, because my bloodwork looks good and J's semen analysis looked good too.  One thing we might do if this month doesn't work is an HSG.  This is where they check to see if your tubes are blocked.  If my tubes are blocked with scar tissue or whatever, then I could be ovulating, but there is too much resistance to get the sperm and egg together.  This would clear out my tubes and see if there was any blockage.  She also said insurance typically covers this, which is good.  I would like to do that before doing any other medication.  So... still waiting.  Hopefully I will know in a matter of days if we can expect a little one in 2010 yet or not.

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