April 9, 2010

I'm obsessed.

Unfortunately I never got around to making the husband cozy... oh well, maybe next week. ;-)

I just thought I would update you all on some of my sewing projects.  I am seriously obsessed.  I think there must come a day when I start giving this stuff away or selling it.  I mean, there needs to be a point when you have made all that you can handle to keep and gotta get rid of stuff.  So we will see. :-)  Right now I am making stuff for myself and as gifts.

This is a little zipper "makeup bag" as they call it.  I found this tutorial on www.prudentbaby.com.  They have some AWESOME projects on that website.  I found this to be super easy, although I hear all this talk about how horrible zippers are... this was by no means horrible.  I think if I were to do an inside zipper pocket, though, that would be a different story.
I also made some bibs and matching burp cloths.  I have a LOT of friends who are expecting or have little ones and I thought this would be a nice gift.  The one on the right is what I call "infant size" and on the left is more "toddler size".  I figure both are needed. :-)  The burp cloths have a flannel lining for super absorbency and are backed with Gerber Prefolds.  Nothing should leak through these bad boys.  The bibs are also lined with flannel and are backed with chenille.
As you can see, I also top-stitched around the edges of the bib... just a little added security for washing. :-)
I recently got a sewing book called "One Yard Wonders".  LOTS of awesome projects in there and they all only use one yard of fabric!!  This is a quilted purse pattern from the book.  I did it a little differently from what the pattern says... and learned many lessons.  My main issue with this pattern is that it didn't have any pockets in it... and I like a purse with pockets.  So I added (quilted) pockets and since the lining and the exterior fabric were quilted from the beginning, I had to make the pockets big enough so I could attach them by stitching them in with the bottom seam.  Does that make sense?  Is anyone following me??... anyway... all that to say that there was WAY too much fabric down there... I wasn't using my walking foot or a strong enough needle so my sewing machine was mad at me.  Oh well... lesson learned.  If I were to make this again I would do it differently, but I do like this finished product and have been and will continue to use it!!
Notice the lumpy purse, as I didn't take the time to remove my wallet, etc. before taking pictures.  Oh well... you get the idea.
And now for a very fuzzy/blurry picture of me with the purse... just to give you an idea of the size.  Next time around, I would also make this a little deeper so it can hold more stuff.

So what now?  Tonight I plan on working on some wet bags for my expecting friends... along with a changing pad and maybe a small diaper case.  I also have some minky set aside for a baby blanket for someone, but I haven't found the perfect fabric to make it with.  The hardest part of this is that MOST of my friends are not finding out the gender of their babies!!!!!  UGGGHHHHHhhhh... :-)  Good for them, but there is NO way I could wait.  Not to mention trying to sew/buy stuff for them.  I still love you girls. :-)

This is the fabric I plan to use to make the wet bags and changing pads.  I am thinking about quilting the exterior of the wet bag too... I love the quilted look.  Do you think this is a good gender-neutral pattern?  I kinda think so... I mean I like it.
I also have this fabric laying around.  I LOVE IT... but I am not sure what to do with it.  Any suggestions?  What should I make with this?

Anyway... long post, but can you tell I am loving this???  I am learning as I create... if any of you have any suggestions on what I should make, I am willing to try nearly anything/everything. :-)

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