April 12, 2010

'Tis life.

Life is moving full speed ahead and is not slowing down anytime soon!!  April is a busy month for us.  The main thing is that I am in the process of planning the First Annual Fundraiser Gala at Access!  I am very excited about this event, but forgot how much time goes into an event like this.  It is like a wedding - only worse.  Luckily there is an AWESOME events committee working on this and I seriously could not have planned it without them.  I am already recruiting them for next year... hopefully. :-)  The date is April 22nd, so just 10 days away!  I am now on to the most important details of the night... such as what to wear... I have a feeling I need to make a trip to Ann Taylor LOFT soon. :-)

Jordans band, Those Eighty Acres, is still playing all over the place.  Just google them... it is crazy how much publicity they are getting, including tons of radio time from local radio stations.  I love these guys and am so proud of them.  Anyway... big news is that we get to travel to Philidelphia and other areas of PA for a short tour in June.  It'll be fun and a great opportunity for these guys to branch outside of Michigan.

We are trying to make our summer plans, but also be mindful of just needing the time to relax and be together this summer.  I feel like last summer was so hectic it came and went and we never enjoyed it.  We are hoping that this summer will bring at least a few days to the beach, which is more than we can say for last summer.  But YAY for sunshine and my flowers starting to bloom. :-)  Spring is in the air!

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