April 12, 2010

Need a Mama's opinion.

I need the opinion of my baby-mama friends. :-)  As you know, sewing is my latest pass-time and I am LOVING it.  I've already had a couple of friends want to "order" some for gifts.  I would love it if this could be something I could actually make some kind of money at, but that is a long time coming.  Anyway... I am trying to decide how to design my products.  There are SO many different options when it comes to designing bibs, burp cloths, etc... and since I have never had a baby, I am naturally drawn to what I think is cutest... I just need to know if the mom's of the world agree with me.  So here you have it - two bib patterns.  I love the circle one, but wonder if it is too small.  I think it would be okay for a newborn for sure, but I need a second opinion. :-)

I just love the circle style... SO cute.  Just love it.  I just need a baby to model it... hmm.

This will have to do for now... unfortunately her neck is too thick to model the cute one... and this one BEARLY fit.  Don't worry - if I give this bib away to anyone I will most definitely wash it beforehand. :-)

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