May 26, 2010

Life goes on.

I am going back to work today... for at least part of the day.  I am scared to have to face everyone and tell them what happened.  I am afraid I will lose it, but in this moment I feel strong, so hopefully I can keep it together. 

After finding out we are indeed miscarrying and sharing the news with friends, I have been overwhelmed at the support we are getting from friends and family.  It means so much to have these friends just grieve with us.  Even more so, stories of women who have miscarried and gone on to have healthy pregnancies are just coming out of the woodwork.  I am learning of more and more people whose first pregnancy ended in miscarriage but was able to get pregnant (and HAVE the baby) shortly after.  This gives me SO MUCH HOPE.  I don't know why miscarriage is something to hide or keep private.  I think sometimes it makes people uncomfortable, but at the same time, sharing in our sufferings is what keeps those people who are in the middle of suffering moving forward.  It sure helps me.  I am terribly sad... after trying for so long, this just felt cruel... but I am looking forward in FAITH and KNOWING that one day I will be pregnant again and have a child at the end to show for it.

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