July 15, 2010

Another step forward.

What a wirlwind... I don't know what my body is doing right now.  I am 10dpo, but my body keeps acting like it is getting AF... but it is on and off.  I'll have heavy bleeding, then it will totally stop and there will be nothing... then bleeding again.  I don't know what is going on - but I guess that is to be expected after a miscarriage.  I have taken HPT's the past couple of days and they are all BFN's... to be expected.  I think I have it in my head that I can't get pregnant without clomid.  At least I don't expect to.  But the good thing is - I called my doctor today and he is putting me back on clomid right away!!  YAY!!!  I am so excited... I was really nervous that he was going to tell me to wait another cycle, but considering this one was 60 days I think it is pretty obvious I need it.  Especially with this crazy bleeding/spotting.  I am PRAYING that this month will be our month.  I am just thrilled to be on clomid again.

I am going to make some other changes in my life as we get back into the swing of things too.  First of all - I am going to try to start doing yoga every day.  Now, I don't think that this will be the trick to get pregnant, but I've read some research articles lately saying it can be somewhat beneficial.  I guess a lot of yoga moves gets your blood circulating all over your body - including your reproductive organs.  I have heard of people even "massaging" their uterus from the outside of their stomach to stimulate blood flow... supposedly that helps with your lining as crazy as that sounds.  Anyway - I think yoga could only help and do no harm... not to mention just the other health reasons as it is good to stretch and use it as a stress reliever.  I have been running lately, but now that I am on clomid again I won't be able to.  I plan to keep walking *briskly* and even do some incline work on the treadmill to keep up my aerobic activity without jostling my ovaries around.  It is so odd you can't really exercise while on clomid, but here is why:
"Some exercise is acceptable during treatment, but as the treatment cycle progresses only low impact exercise (walking) is recommended. The ovaries may become enlarged from the fertility medications you may be taking, and high impact exercise may put you at risk for ovarian torsion, where the ovary can twist on itself. This is very rare, but a serious side effect."
Yikes... so I am going to do what I can to avoid THAT from happening.  Some other things I plan on doing is drinking LOTS AND LOTS of water... continuing to take Evening Primrose Oil (the ONLY thing that helped with my CM... especially on clomid), taking B-6, and using OPK's as I did last time.  The first cycle on clomid I O'd on CD16 and the second on CD20.  Way way better than CD45.

I am soooo happy to be done with that first cycle after my miscarriage.  I feel that I am finally moving on (at least in the TTC sense) and being pro-active again.  If this month works, chances are we'll have an April baby.  I'm praying for that baby already in hope that I will conceive and meet him/her soon.


  1. Yay for being on your way again! Hopefully this third round of Clomid is the key!

    I'm praying that we both get late spring/early summer babies!!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping for a positive update soon :).

  3. Um, actually I just saw your ticker at the bottom of the page....positive HPT??? YAYYYY!!!!! Does this mean that you will have your March baby?