July 12, 2010

More truth.

We sang this song in church yesterday... and I understood it more deeply than I ever have before.  I am finding that lately - that scripture and worship rings truer in my heart in my desperation.  Not just words, and not even just praise... but truth and brokenness and promises.

Your grace is enough
More than I need

My thoughts... what does it really mean for God to be ENOUGH for me... something I have been challenged with for the past 6 months.  If nothing else goes my way, will I let God's grace be enough... because it has the ability to... and how do I do that??

And your word I will believe

A statement of commitment... I am realizing that throughout this journey I have truly struggled with unbelief... like, I know that God says he will carry our burdens... that he blesses those who wait, etc... but I haven't believed it... I have been overcome by fear, but this statement makes me realize that belief is a choice... and that I need to submerge myself further into God's word to get to know the character of God even deeper.

I wait for you
Draw near again
And your spirit make me new

This is where I am... waiting... knowing that when I draw near to God, he will draw near to me.  I will be the first to admit that I have been lacking in the "draw near" area lately... it has more been run away and hide than drawing near... but that is not the right response.

And i will fall at your feet
I will fall at your feet
And i will worship you here

My promise... only a whisper right now, but I will fall... I need to stop trying to stand on my own, and just fall at God's feet and give up to his grace.  I don't know why I always live like my way is better.  It is not.  So I will fall at his feet and worship him... face down, exhausted, and ready to be emptied and filled again.  And I will worship, because he is here, he is sovereign, and he is God!

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