September 8, 2010


200!!!  That is how many days are left until this little bean is due!  It seems like a long time when you think of it that way.  But I am OVER one quarter of the way through with this pregnancy deal.  When I think of it in that perspective, holy cow, time is flying!!

I have been a SLACKER when it comes to this blog.  For sure.  And I am sorry.  BUT - I am here to update!

Things are going great.  I am now 11.5 weeks and feeling better every day.  The nausea comes in spurts but is not all day every day by any means.  I am also officially wearing the Bella-Band with some pants.  I can still button them, but they are outrageously uncomfortable!  I don't feel pregnant... I just feel like I have totally let myself go and am chunking up.  Hopefully it will look more "bump-ish" soon instead of chunk-ish. :-)  

I ordered some itty-bitty cloth diapers that were super on sale.  I plan on cloth-diapering this babe and decided why not start my stash?  ALSO - it is baby week at Target and my favorite crib is on sale... so I did it.  I bought the crib.  Isn't it beautiful??  Although I am not getting this bedding. (I will be making my own.)  I felt a little weird ordering it sooo early... but hey, I need a crib.  And why not pay $50 less?  And I love it.

Today's date: September 8, 2010

How far along: 11 weeks 3 days 

Total weight gain: ZERO.  I have fluctuated a bit between -4 and where I am at now.  I lost a bit in the past few weeks, but my appetite is back now, so I don't think I'll have a problem putting it on.

Size and growth of the baby: Your baby, just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig (or a lime!), is now almost fully formed. Baby's hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under the gums, and some of the bones are beginning to harden.

Sex: Too soon... but feeling boy vibes. 

Maternity clothes: Officially in the Bella-Band with some work clothes.  I can still fit in my normal jeans just fine, but they feel tighter than usual. 

Sleep: I am getting up at least once a night to go to the bathroom...sometimes twice. Sleep is still good, beside that. 

Best moment(s) of the week: About a week ago we heard the heartbeat with the doppler. :-)  Sooo beautiful.  Otherwise - I am enjoying feeling good!! 

Movement: Too soon to feel, though it's happening. :) 

Food cravings/aversions: None today!!  Yippee!! 

Morning sickness: Seems to be going away. 

Symptoms: Fatigue, headaches, bloated belly... and my finger nails are AWESOME.  Seriously, my nails have never been so strong.

Labor signs: Way too soon.

Belly button in or out: In... not even close to really showing yet.

What I miss: My waistline... slowly disappearing.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting out of 1st trimester (10 days to go)!!  And my next Dr. appt on Thursday!!  YAY!

What's going on this week:

She's already busy kicking and stretching, and her tiny movements are so effortless they look like water ballet. These movements will become more frequent as her body grows and becomes more developed and functional. You won't feel your baby's acrobatics for another month or two — nor will you notice the hiccupping that may be happening now that her diaphragm is forming.

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  1. You didn't steer me in the wrong direction! I told Betsy I just think the test doesn't like, but today it proved me wrong :). At 12dpo (the date you said) I got a positive! Thanks for following! I'm so hoping that we will get to be preggo together!!