September 30, 2010

Dance party {in my uterus}!!

What a pleasant surprise today!  I had called my Dr. on Monday because I had been cramping all weekend.  I know cramping CAN be normal... but it can also NOT be normal.  They did a urine test (fun) to see if I had a UTI (not fun).  Luckily that came back clean, but they called me again today to see how I was feeling and the cramping has been pretty consistent.  So they decided to play it safe and have me come in.  Much to my surprise, my Dr. decided to cut to the chase and do an ultrasound!  This is what we found.

A baby!!  The baby was wiggling around like crazy.  It was so surreal, because I can't feel it at all, but it is an active little bugger!!  I can't wait until I can feel it's little kicks.
Another baby arm shot.  The Dr. said the baby has great brains, which you can see here.
Here is the baby's torso and arms.  The four black dots you see are the chambers of the heart.  CRAZY.

The baby had a nice strong heart rate of 151!  Not sure what the old wives tales would say about that one.  But we will find out soon enough if the babe is a "he" or "she".  I didn't ask the Dr. to take a peek this time because Jordan wasn't with me.  Although I have heard of people finding out this early!  Not sure how reliable those ultrasounds are though. :-)

So, the cause of the cramping?  In my doctors words, my uterus is just bitching and moaning (yes, his words) because it is doing something it has never done before.  My body seems to like to complain about change.  But - at least I can know that it is nothing to worry about... just growing pains, and I can expect that this is only the beginning of my physical discomfort!  Oh the joys of motherhood.

In other news, I am super excited because yesterday I bought tickets for Jordan and I to go see the Broadway musical "Wicked" in Chicago in December 2!!!  We are planning a mini "baby-moon" get-away to Chicago that weekend.  I am sooo excited.  I haven't seen many Broadway shows, and I have heard this is one to see for sure!!  Plus - this will be probably one of our last "alone" vacations for awhile.  It isn't anything crazy, but it will be fun to get away and do something different.

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  1. Glad they got you in so that you could get a peek at your baby! So glad everything is okay in there :). And, Wicked is awesome! That will be so fun!