September 14, 2010

Moving over.

For the past 9 months, I have GREATLY neglected this blog.  That is because I have been maintaining another blog... a blog about our personal struggles with getting pregnant, having a miscarriage, then having a risky pregnancy immediately after.  Now that we have told the world (or at least, facebook) that we are pregnant, I'm not going to try to maintain two blogs.  Instead... I have moved it ALL over here.  I imported my old blog here and will keep it updated.  If you are interested in just searching my old blog, you can find it at

This past year has been one of the most difficult of our lives, but we have been so blessed.  I know when I was in the middle of my struggles, I found great comfort in finding stories of people who had been through it before.  That is why I have decided to share all of it here, and not hold back.  There is something so freeing about being transparent, and that is what I am trying to be.


I did my 12 week update yesterday, but didn't have this picture ready yet. :-)

There is the bump.  It doesn't look very bumpish in this picture.  I wish I had taken one at 8 weeks... because I'm curious how different I look.  I FEEL a whole lot different.  Between 8 weeks and 12 weeks my pants suddenly stopped fitting and I am completely in the Bella Band.  I figure I'll do updates every 4 weeks or so to see the difference.  It is crazy how much I know I am going to grow in the next 28 weeks!  Oh, and if I look tired, it is because I am... that and my latest and greatest pregnancy symptom is constant headaches. :-(

Macy is very excited to be a big sister.  The shirt says it all. :-)


  1. Love the pics, Linny! I think I can pretty confidently tell you that you look differently from 4 weeks ago. It's happening! Oh, and that baby better like slimy tongues and whacking tails!:-)

    oxo, mom

  2. Your Babystrology baby is doing somersaults. Have you felt any "butterflies" or anything? I remember the sensations of having a little person swimming around inside me.

  3. I can't feel anything yet. They say you start feeling movement with your first around 16-18 weeks or so. Although it is already moving around like crazy!