November 3, 2010

Anatomy Lesson.

It's no wonder I feel like I'm running out of room.

{Before Pregnancy} lots and lots of room for all organs

{20 Weeks Pregnant} yeah - feeling a little squished

... but it is only going to get way way worse.

{40 Weeks Pregnant} YIKES!!!


  1. It is amazing's amazing that you've been equipped to give birth and to mother a new life into this world. It takes a lot of courage, strength and grace which I know you will have from the Lord. You are loved always!


  2. I just saw the picture of how everything moves and I was not excited. I cannot imagine that my digestive tract will like being that squished. I can only imagine what we are in for! All for a good reason, though! Yay for you almost being 20 weeks!

  3. Eeks. That's scary. Isn't it incredible how everything accommodates for that little baby? I hear ya on everything feeling squished. No wonder is right.