November 12, 2010

Boy mode.

First of all - do you like the new look??  I'm loving this color scheme of orange and blue right now.  But I change my mind often, so don't be surprised if it looks different again in a few weeks. :-)

I need to get my brain into boy mode.  For my whole life, I've never need to think in terms of boy colors or boyish things - and now that we're having a BOY I need to forget the pinks and purples and figure out how to decorate for my little man.

One of the first things I want to make for this guy is a quilt.  I have never made a quilt, but have done a bit of sewing in my day, and I have found some patterns that look super quick and easy (which is exactly what I need).  I have been looking through fabrics to find some boyish colors and I'm LOVING the grey, orange, aqua color scheme.  So - rough draft, here are some fabric options.

It is hard to find non-girly patterns.  There is a lot of paisley, floral, and just cutesy stuff.  It is pretty much polka-dots and animals for boys.  I'll have to keep looking, but I am liking this color scheme for a quilt.  We'll see!!  But I'll have to get working on it soon, I think!! :-)


  1. Love the color scheme. Have you checked out Field's Fabrics? They've got great designer {think Amy Butler, Michael Miller, etc.} fabrics. It's my go-to store when it comes to cool, mod patterns.

  2. Thanks Abby! Yes - LOVE Fields. Although, I have found that I can usually get better prices online. There are some etsy sellers that are great, but my favorite is or - especially when they have sales and free shipping. :-)

  3. Good luck with the quilting. As soon as we found out we were having a boy, I went and got fabrics for a quilt, got about 1/3 of the way there, then quit. Haha. :\ But I'm making up for it, sort of...with the onesies and burp cloths and things. :)

    The day we found out we were having a boy, we did our registries, and I knew the second we stepped into Babies R was OUT. I like blue, but I did not want anything to be blue. So, that's why we're doing the jungle theme with browns and greens...and I MUCH prefer it. :)