November 10, 2010

IT'S A....


I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!!!

Okay, but really I knew it.  And I am sooo excited about my little guy.

{the goods... sorry baby boy, but some day you will find this fascinating too}

{baby boy profile... the spots on his abdomen are his heart, stomach, and bladder!}

It was such a fun day.  It is so fun to see Jordan get all excited about his little boy.  I think knowing the gender made it a lot more real for him and he has just been giddy all day.  We had a little mini-date and had lunch together at Panera and dreamed of our life with this little guy.  Then, naturally, I did some damage with my friend Erin.

{whoever said boy clothes aren't CUTE}

{cute little 3-6 month baby shoes for $.97!!  i know they will probably not stay on his feet, but it is the thought that counts}

{who can resist puppy feet?}

{and puppy bum!}

{AND BABY PLAID!!!... pretty sure Jordan has these exact same shirts somewhere}

And now I'm dreaming about the nursery and picking out fabric to decorate!!  I can hardly wait until March!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Girls are fun, but there's just something about little boys :) And I definitely have fun dressing Maguire almost as much as I do Ashlyn. I'm so excited for you guys! Have you thought about names yet??

  2. the stuff you bought! Too fun! I hope to do some damage for the cause after dad leaves town this weekend.;-)

  3. BTW, I think I've seen Jordan in those shirts, too. They'll have to have daddy/son outfits.:-)

  4. Those are really cute clothes! I used to nanny for a little boy and boys are really fun! So excited for you and your little boy!

  5. Is Jordan's red plaid shirt a onesie too?! :)