November 6, 2010

Scary, Embarrassing, Wonderful Week.

This week so far has had it's ups and downs.  Such is life as a mother, I assume.  It is so hard to not worry about every little thing, but my OB reminds me that that is why he is here.  He's the greatest - and I love that I can call and that even my most minor fear he'll either personally call me back or tell me to come in just to ease my mind.  I can't say enough about how THANKFUL I am that I switched.

So on Thursday, all morning I was SUPER crampy.  So uncomfortable and almost nauseous from it.  Not good signs in my mind.  I didn't think I was having contractions, because my stomach didn't feel hard, but I hadn't felt this crampy before in my pregnancy and I didn't like it.  So - of course I called.  The nurse told me to come in, because the Dr. wanted to make sure I wasn't dilating at all (YIKES).  **TMI Warning Ahead** Well - after I talked to the nurse, I found myself in the bathroom on and off for about the next 2 hours.  UGH.  Not fun when you are at work and not at home.  I don't know if I had been constipated and it was just finally working itself out or if I had a bug of some sort.  In any case, it seemed that my bowels were simply not happy and after a few (dozen) trips to the bathroom, all was fine.  I called the nurse and told her my embarrassing story, but she said to still come in to get checked.  My Dr. said this is VERY common (oh goody) and I will only find myself more uncomfortable from this point forward.  All for the good of the cause, I suppose.  BUT - the good part of this story is, I got another ultrasound!!  I am so spoiled.  These ultrasounds are literally like 20 seconds long, but at least I get to see my babe and see the heartbeat and calm my fears.  It showed that I was not dilating, my cervix is doing exactly what it should at this point, and my body is once again fussing at all the changes.  I got a very cute picture of my baby's face, which I will post maybe tomorrow?  It is crazy - you can see eyes, nose, mouth, and a cute little pointy chin.  AHH - love it.  My Dr. asked if I wanted to know boy/girl on Thursday... ohh and it was killing me to say NO because my wonderful hubby was not with me.  But now we are only 4 days away, so I can wait. (4 DAYS??  Did I just say that??)

So, after that scary-turned embarrassing-turned wonderful experience, we had another wonderful experience last night!  This baby has been a crazy bouncing jelly bean in my belly.  It has been moving like CRAZY the past few days.  And the kicks and punches have become much stronger.  Jordan hadn't been able to feel them yet though.  Either they just weren't strong enough, or as soon as he'd put his hand on my belly the baby would decide it is time to simmer down and nap.  Until last night!!  The baby was having a dance party when we were going to bed and Jordan was finally able to feel the baby move on the outside for a good 10-15 mins!!  He couldn't believe how clearly he could feel the kicks - but it was definitely baby and he was thrilled.

I feel bad for him during this whole process.  I feel like I get to experience all the cool stuff, and he just gets to hear about it.  Even the Dr. appts that he can't make seem to be the coolest ones.  But - I guess, on the same token, I am also the one who gets to experience the nausea, headaches, back aches, cramping, food aversions, severe hunger, etc... and he gets to skip out on that fun stuff.  I have asked him many times if he is sad that he is a man and doesn't get to experience pregnancy (hah!).  Because I feel like I would be sad!  He says no time and time again... and tells me he would rather be the one impregnating than being pregnant (very funny).  :-P

Anyway... an eventful week so far.  The 20 week update is TOMORROW and I cannot believe we are half-way.  In 4 months it will be March and we will be in serious count-down mode.  That just blows my mind.


  1. Yay!! I'm thrilled Jordan finally got to feel Baby G.! Too fun! I can't wait until Wed. either!

  2. Oh my goodness! I had the same problem/bug this week. I have been having problems since last Saturday and at first I thought it was the pregnancy, but my OB said it was likely a bug. I agree, it is zero fun to feel that sick away from home :(. Sorry you had to experience that too.

    And thanks for the FYI about the early gender u/s. We are actually going to a place in Chicago where they won't commit to a gender if they aren't sure. They actually have a 100% accuracy rate for 15 weeks and can tell the gender for sure in 70% of cases. So, if she can't guarantee us that it's a boy/girl, she'll tell us to come back in a week or two (for free) and we'll get to keep coming back until they figure it out. BUT, I hope they can figure it out...and we'll verify at our OB at 20 weeks.

    I can't believe you're finding out in 4 days!! AGHH!!! So exciting :).