December 11, 2010

Update in photos.

I have been a horrible blogger the past 2 weeks.  So here is your update in photos.


{Jordan's dad and brothers Kevin (18) & Joel (16) watching football on Thanksgiving}

{Jordan's mom getting dinner started}

{Typical Drew... who turned 14 this week, so happy birthday by the way!}

{The boys watching football... pretty much depicts our Thanksgiving}
{Jordan chatting it up with his Uncle Karl and Dad} 


{Chicago belly shot.  I was 23w6d here. :-)}

{We tried to get a pic of us together... but didn't have a tripod or a good place to put the camera... so this is what happened.  I kind of like it though...}

{Is the timer working??}

{Finally a semi-decent, albeit dark shot.}

{Then we went here... and LOVED it.}

NURSERY UPDATE ... a work in progress as we speak!!!

{Before... the guest room... ignore all the diapers, baby clothes, and crib box.}

{Dori, say goodbye to your favorite sleeping spot}

{Before again... and my two shadows that follow me around.}

{Our WONDERFUL friends Jon and Dave (not pictured) helped to paint!  It will be a beautiful light grey.  My nursery inspiration can be found here.}

{Doing great guys!! :-D}

{Poor little Mae-pup gated away from the painted room.  Sorry girly!}

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