December 31, 2010

Who are you?

Pregnancy is a weird thing when you really think about it.  I mean, there is another human being that is living inside of me - that I am the soul life support for.  And this human being will one day {soon} be out of the womb and thrust into a foreign world.  He will grow up to have his own interests, abilities, talents, emotions, behaviors, tendencies, etc.  I find myself wondering... who is this boy that is growing inside of me?  Will he be laid back or strong-willed?  Will he be outgoing or shy?  Will he have the same passion for music that Jordan and I have?  Will he have blonde hair or... not? {sorry baby boy, but pretty sure you are most certainly going to have blue eyes}  Will he be tall like his daddy?

I love dreaming about who this baby boy is.  But at the same time - every moment I have with him is so fleeting.  I am trying my hardest to enjoy every second of this pregnancy, as badly as I want to meet him, because I know I will only be pregnant with him once.  I will only feel him kicking inside of me for another 3 months {or so}.  I am trying not to wish the days away....

But... baby boy - I am so so so very excited to meet you!!!!!

{Who will you be more like?}

{baby Jordan}

{baby Lindsy... so sorry if you get these cheeks... but I am still holding out that you have a slight possibility of getting (and keeping) that dark hair (unlike your mama).}

{baby Jordan again... :-) } 

{baby Lindsy again}


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  2. Whatever he ends up being like, you should put him in the overalls Jordan is wearing and the hat you are wearing... ;)

    He will be amazing: everything you hoped for and nothing you expected all bundled up into one. <3

  3. I had a typo in my first comment... :)

  4. I know he will be loved beyond words!

  5. I can't wait either! He's going to be amazing and will fill your hearts with a new kind of love that will just keep growing and growing. (BTW, are you actually getting a little sentimental like me?:-)