April 14, 2010

The Mama's have spoken... new baby projects!!

Here is a sneak peek of some of my latest projects.  I polled the facebook mama's and they told me that when it comes to bibs, long, absorbent, and SNAPS are important.  Well, here is my latest bib design.  Still cute, but longer than the other.  It has cotton, flannel, and chenille layered for extra absorbency.  It has also all been pre-washed, so it will maintain its size and structure.  The wet bag is approximately 12"x12" and is cotton with P.U.L. on the inside, which is waterproof.  Perfect for wet or dirty cloth diapers, burp cloths, and clothes.  Finally - a diaper clutch... the perfect size for a pack of wipes and 2-3 diapers.  Take a look!!  If you mama's have any suggestions, I welcome them!!

I love this fabric!!  Both are from designer Amy Butler.  Beautiful stuff!!
I also LOVE the pearl snaps. :-)

The whole gift set!!  This set was requested by my friend Danielle to give to a friend who is expecting.  I hope she likes it!

April 12, 2010

Need a Mama's opinion.

I need the opinion of my baby-mama friends. :-)  As you know, sewing is my latest pass-time and I am LOVING it.  I've already had a couple of friends want to "order" some for gifts.  I would love it if this could be something I could actually make some kind of money at, but that is a long time coming.  Anyway... I am trying to decide how to design my products.  There are SO many different options when it comes to designing bibs, burp cloths, etc... and since I have never had a baby, I am naturally drawn to what I think is cutest... I just need to know if the mom's of the world agree with me.  So here you have it - two bib patterns.  I love the circle one, but wonder if it is too small.  I think it would be okay for a newborn for sure, but I need a second opinion. :-)

I just love the circle style... SO cute.  Just love it.  I just need a baby to model it... hmm.

This will have to do for now... unfortunately her neck is too thick to model the cute one... and this one BEARLY fit.  Don't worry - if I give this bib away to anyone I will most definitely wash it beforehand. :-)

'Tis life.

Life is moving full speed ahead and is not slowing down anytime soon!!  April is a busy month for us.  The main thing is that I am in the process of planning the First Annual Fundraiser Gala at Access!  I am very excited about this event, but forgot how much time goes into an event like this.  It is like a wedding - only worse.  Luckily there is an AWESOME events committee working on this and I seriously could not have planned it without them.  I am already recruiting them for next year... hopefully. :-)  The date is April 22nd, so just 10 days away!  I am now on to the most important details of the night... such as what to wear... I have a feeling I need to make a trip to Ann Taylor LOFT soon. :-)

Clomid - Take II

I have been having a lot more side effects this time around with clomid.  The hot flashes are the main thing.  It is ridiculous.  Thank goodness I take the medicine at night (when I experience most of them), but this also makes for some sleepless nights.  Oh well.  Nothing life altering or anything, so I will take it!! 

Other than that... still just waiting.  Now waiting to see if clomid will work its magic a second time. :-)

April 9, 2010

I'm obsessed.

Unfortunately I never got around to making the husband cozy... oh well, maybe next week. ;-)

I just thought I would update you all on some of my sewing projects.  I am seriously obsessed.  I think there must come a day when I start giving this stuff away or selling it.  I mean, there needs to be a point when you have made all that you can handle to keep and gotta get rid of stuff.  So we will see. :-)  Right now I am making stuff for myself and as gifts.

April 8, 2010

Yet you are holy.

I had coffee with a dear friend this evening... and it felt so good to just let the real raw emotion out in the open and just acknowledge that life isn't easy... that sometimes God calls us to a situation that is painful for us... and just exploring what does it mean when you don't experience God's blessing like we hope or want.  Like she said... never anywhere in the bible does it say that if God gives us a desire for children, we will bear children.  He says that he will meet us in our darkest hour.  As strange as it sounds to be talking like that... I found it extremely comforting and refreshing.  Let's not put on a face or facade that everything is okay when it's not... lets pull out the sackcloth and ashes and mourn when our hearts are heavy and lets make our prayers known to others and to God.  What RELIEF to be real and raw and naked before others (not literally... that would be weird).  I don't think life was ever meant to go through privately, but hand in hand with others.  So I reiterate what God has been putting on my heart... I really feel like God is asking me, IF I am never blessed with a child... will I let God be enough to fill that void.  The beautiful mystery of God is the fact that this is amazing and terrifying at the same time.  I am terrified that God would ask this of me... because he very well can and may.  But I rejoice because the TRUTH in all of this is that God can be enough... with some work on my part... that would be a very difficult reality to embrace.

Anyway... I don't mean for this post to be dark or too deep or depressing... because in fact I feel the complete opposite.  Claiming these things give me a real sense of peace just in the fact that none of this is up to me.

After coffee, Jordan and I went to the Stockbridge Boiler Room where our church is partnering with them and the Bridge Street House of Prayer for a 7 month long 24-hour prayer initiative.  Jordan and I signed up for a time slot with our small group and so one of us goes at 9pm every Thursday night to pray for whatever is on our hearts.  Well, after my awesome conversation, my heart was still contemplating God's faithfulness in pain.  I came across a verse in Psalm 22 that I felt I really connected with.

Psalm 22:2-3
O my God, I cry by day, but you do not answer,
   and by night, but I find no rest. Yet you are holy...

This is right where I am at.  We cry out to God for a healthy pregnancy and a child... we beg him.  But we do not have our answer.  We have been instructed to wait on the Lord... and wait... and wait... I'll be honest, there are times when it is all-consuming and I truly cannot find rest.  But the truth is that I am not angry at God... I am not even disappointed.  Because of so many awesome people praying for us, I truly feel at peace right now... in this moment.  I don't know how long it will last :-)... but I have peace for the moment because I have faith that God is still good and this will be used for HIS glory... not mine... his.  So I say... "I cry by day, but you do not answer... and by night, but I find no rest.  YET YOU ARE HOLY!!!!!"

April 4, 2010

On to month 10.

AF decided to show today... meaning cycle 1 of clomid did not work.  Oh well.  I feel good about our plan of action and am excited that clomid worked to make me O earlier for sure.  So... onto the next cycle!!

Although - this month I WILL NOT test until 12dpo at the earliest... I wasted so many tests this month.  SO not worth it... I should just wait.

Anyway - hoping that this month will be the month!

April 1, 2010

Next sewing project.

I have the weekend free for crafting... and I am SO looking forward to this next project, found at www.thelongthread.com... click HERE for the tutorial.

A great crafting project for APRIL 1ST... don't ya think? ;-)

.... I don't know why, but I find this simply hilarious....