February 23, 2011

Welcome Molly Jean!

I am sooo excited for our good friends Jon and Mandy Boes.  They welcomed the newest addition to their family today - Molly Jean Boes!!  I am glad that I can get my itty bitty baby fix from Molly before my little one is due to arrive. :-)  Although, I'm jealous that Mandy will be able to sleep on her stomach tonight (if she sleeps at all, of course).

Now that Mandy has had her baby, it is my turn.  Eeeee!!!  But you can stay cooking for a good 4 more weeks, okay baby boy??

Congrats Jon, Mandy, and big-sister Lucy!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, I read this and was like, "Wait, I thought she was having a boy?!" ;) Congrats to them! You're so close!