March 1, 2011

Bring Betsy's Nephew Home!

I love love love a good find on etsy.  Home-made stuff is just so much more special... not to mention unique and adorable!!  I love owning something that I know is one-of-a-kind specially made for me. :-)  Even though I don't know half of the people I purchase from on etsy, I'm a sucker for a good home-made buy. 

WELL... I have a good friend Betsy who has been outrageously successful with her line of crocheted baby items, called The Dainty Daisy.  You may remember this AWESOME cocoon and hat she made for my baby boy for my shower.

ADORABLE!!!!!  Seriously, check her stuff out.  Anyway, my reason for posting today is that she and a LOT of other super crafty and talented ladies are selling their items in an auction next week to raise money for Betsy's sister, who is in the process of adopting a boy from Ethiopia.  I just don't see how you could go wrong participating in this.  Adoption is something that hits a nerve in my heart.  I know the Lord has a heart for the orphan and I truly hope that at some point in my life, I am able to bring in more children into my home that need loving families.  The idea of a child growing up without a stable, loving environment just kills me. (Although I know it happens all too often).  And I LOVE that Betsy's sister is pursuing this and not letting finances hold her back.  So, Betsy is an awesome sister and came up with this idea to help raise money for her.  Bidding takes place next week, and I fully intend to bid on a few items.

Like this...

{no - not the baby... the hat... but, can you say ADORABLE!}

Or this...

Anyway... there is my plug. :-)  Check it out - and if you want more info or want to check out all the awesome items you can bid on, you can find it here:

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