April 3, 2011

The meaning of Jude.

Jordan and I put a lot of thought into our son's name.  But truth be told, I knew our baby's name was going to be Jude all along. :-)  I fell in love with the name even before we knew we were having a boy.  I just had a strong feeling that our baby was "Jude".

We went through a lot (though not near as much as some) to have this baby.  We tried for awhile, and then had a miscarriage.  When I found out we were pregnant again I was overwhelmed with just joy and praise and thanks.

And that is the meaning of the name Jude in hebrew.

Jude: Praise; Thanks

Obviously it is a biblical name (there is a book in the bible called Jude) and that was very important to us as well.  And then my family has a tradition of passing along middle names.  My dad's middle name is Michael and I wanted to keep with this tradition.  Michael means: who is like God?

So that is where the name came from.  I fell in love with it long ago. :-)  It took awhile to get Jordan on board, mainly because he was afraid everyone would think we got it from the Beatle's song "Hey Jude".  Which, really, it's a great song.  I have no problem with my son's name being in that song. :-)  And I'm sure it will be sung to him a time or two in his life.


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  3. Love it. Our little Jude Michael.:-)

  4. Congratulations!!! I am just catching up on reading a few blogs and I was so excited to see that your sweet boy is here! He's just gorgeous and you must be over the moon... isn't this whole mom thing SO amazing? I hope you are loving it!