May 28, 2011

Dear Jude :: 2 months old

My sweetest Jude,

You are TWO months old!  TWO!  Where did that time go? {I think you should get used to me saying that}.  What a wonderful two months it has been.  It is so much fun to get to know you as you grow.

You are still an AWESOME night sleeper.  In fact, you have been sleeping 6.5-7.5 hours straight at night - followed by a few shorter stretches, but only getting up once or twice at night is amazing.  I love this about you. :-)  A couple of weeks ago we moved you to your crib and I think we all sleep better this way.  You LOVE your crib.  You will fuss and fuss {even in mama's arms} when you are sleeping but are out like a light as soon as I put you down.  You still don't have predictable naps.  I'm hoping this develops soon.  Sometimes you take awesome 2-3 hour naps, but usually they are around 45 min-1hour, so you take anywhere from 3-5 naps a day. 

You are still wearing 0-3 clothes, but you are so super long that I've started getting your 3-6 month clothes ready.  You haven't had your 2 month check-up yet, but I know you are at LEAST 12lbs and 24 inches long.  You now eat about every 2.5-3 hours and are stretching it to 3 hours more frequently.  You spit up a TON.  And now I am starting to suspect a dairy intolerance... so next month we will have to see if me going dairy-free solves your problems. :-)

I love seeing more and more of your personality come out.  You smile all the time and love copying your Daddy by sticking your tongue out.  You have also recently discovered your THUMB and have become quite the thumb-sucker {a habit mommy is trying to prevent!}.  You love looking in the mirror and are starting to show some interest in the hanging toys on your play mat.  Your favorite to look at are lights and fans though.  You still HATE tummy time.  I've only gotten you to tolerate it a couple of times. 

We love you, bubba!!  It is such a joy to watch you grow!

Love you forever,


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