May 30, 2011

Goodbye Greek Yogurt.

I've been a bit MIA lately.  I went back to work 2 weeks ago and now my life consists of balancing working at home, being a stay-at-home mama, cleaning the house, planning and cooking dinner, laundry, diaper changes, and on and on and on... After 2 months of this, I seriously give stay-at-home mom's BIG props.  It is a job that never ends.  There is no "leaving work at the office".  YOU are the office.  It is a crazy {yet wonderful} life.

So we have had an interesting recent development.  Many of you know I am already gluten-free.  I cheat every once and awhile {and usually pay for it} but, gluten causes me issues... headaches and a bit too much time on the toilet.  So I avoid it.  At first this was hard, but now it is second nature - I don't even think of it.  WELL.  It seems that I'm going to need to avoid dairy as well.

I'm not prepared for this.  I always said dairy would be harder to give up than gluten.  Ugh.  But my little Juder seems to have issues with it.  He's always been a BIG spitter-upper.  We're talking waterfalls and multiple outfits a day {especially when Mama forgets a bib}.  I made a connection with cow's milk a few weeks ago.  I hadn't eaten cereal in awhile and then had it for a few days and his spit was just out of control.  So I cut that out.  And I cut out most cheese.  But not yogurt.  I eat greek yogurt every day.  LOVE it.  Well... Jude NOW has green {BRIGHT green} poops.  And he's still spitting.  And my baby book says this probably means his little tummy can't process dairy.  Sad sad day.  So I am starting this dairy free diet tomorrow {because I ate yogurt today}.  I'll let you know how it goes.  We also have a doctors appointment on Wednesday - so I'll get the professionals opinion.

Speaking of food - here is something I'm SOOOO excited about.  Jordan and I have joined a CSA.  Which I *think* stands for Community Shared Agriculture from Visser Family Farms.

Basically, we bought a share at a farm, which in turn means we get awesome, fresh, local produce all summer long.  It starts next week and I can't wait.  This also means we'll get lots of veggies I've never eaten before... like parsnips... and kale... and beets.  But I am going to eat all of it and I'm excited to try new recipes full of veggies.  I have been eating {mostly} "clean" the past month or so, which I talked about here and it has been going really well!  It is a whole new perspective when you start thinking of food, not as satisfying your taste buds, but fueling your body.  I've found I'm willing to sacrifice taste in order to eat what I know is best for me.  Because, in reality, I feel a ZILLION times more healthy and energetic when I do.  Especially because I am breastfeeding my little guy and I want him to have the best nutrients he can.  And - equally as important - I am still working on losing this baby weight.  2.5 lbs to go until I reach my pre-preg weight... but about 10-15 to go before I am at my "happy" weight.  It'll happen... eventually.


  1. Oh, I know ALL too well about the bright green baby poops. We found out when Logan was 2 months that he was milk/protein intolerant after bright green/STINKY poops. I give props to you for sticking out breastfeeding. I wish I would have, but I gave in and put him on Nutramigen formula.

    You can do it, mama! Jude is one handsome dude! :)

  2. early do you think the milk intolerance was noticeable in Jude? Charlotte is also a big spitter-upper, but in the last couple days I've noticed a correlation between a few foods I've eaten and her spitting up MORE (and thicker) than normal (as normal as normal can be for a 2 week old baby). It makes me nervous to eat anything and nervous to nurse her!