May 10, 2011


Dare I say it - it is finally Spring.  Jude and I have taken walks nearly every day for the past week.  It feels SO good to get outside and get at least a little bit of exercise.  I even got a little sunburned! {Don't worry - I protected Jude}.  I love how this weather is like a natural anti-depressant.  Everything seems a bit happier when the windows can be open with the breeze blowing through and the sunlight streaming through the windows.  Ahhhh...

One of my favorite little things about Spring is the tree in our front yard.  We bought our house in July {4 years ago}, so we didn't know about this special little surprise.

 Our tree has FLOWERS!  Every Spring these beautiful little buds bloom.  I just LOVE it!!  It is definitely the most beautiful tree on the street. ;-)

Can't you just smell the fresh air when you look at this?

And I just love these mis-planted tulips.  They have just always been there... and I don't have the heart to move them.  Just love them.

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  1. our front tree does that too, and it makes me SO happy! ours hasn't popped quite yet, but my tulips look incredible right now. every time i pull into the driveway i can't help but smile :)

    thought about you today when shelly and i had a quick "walking meeting" outside! where are we going to walk when we're in the crc building?