June 28, 2011

Dear Jude :: 3 months old

Dear Jude,

Could it be that every month is better than the last?  It seems we have hit that magical 12 week mark and life with you is so. much. fun.  Your smile lights up the room and you have the absolute sweetest personality.  I love our little chats every morning, talking about our dreams the night before.  I love playing with you every day as you discover your hands, how to move them to grab your favorite rattle toys as they slowly make their way into your mouth.  So cute.  It is such an honor to watch you discover the world before you.

You are still sleeping great.  Not much has changed in the past month.  You still get up 1-2 times per night.  You have also turned into a great napper.  You take a solid three naps a day.  Morning, noon, and evening.  You still must be swaddled for naps and night-time, but you are getting SO strong you often break out or sneak your little hands out to suck on your fingers.  I am thinking in the next month or two we will try breaking that habit.

You haven't been weighed lately, but I'm guessing you are close to {if not more than} 14 lbs.  You have already had your 3 month growth spurt and you are a LONG boy!  Still have little chicken legs though.  You eat every 3 hours - sometimes longer if you are taking a long nap.  You are still a champion breastfeeder and I love the moments I can sneak you away from everyone for our little alone time.

You have quickly grown to love sitting {still supported by mama or daddy} and now LOVE standing!!  You are growing so fast!  Tummy time is getting a bit more tolerable, but still most definitely not a favorite.  You have become quite the drooly baby - giving us yet another reason to keep a bib on!

You are such a loving cuddly baby.  I love when you fall asleep on my chest for a nap every once in awhile - snuggling up underneith my chin.  I love your sweet coo's and loving looks.  You only have eyes for your mama, and it can stay that way!

You are such a blessing and your daddy and I love spending every day with you!  Sometimes I still can't believe you are ours!  The most amazing gift I have ever received. :-)

Love you bubba,


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