July 9, 2011

Baby look-alike.

So, what is the verdict?  Does Jude look more like me or Jordan?  Comment below and I'll tally up the results. :-)

Baby Jordan

Baby Lindsy

Baby Jude
I personally think he is the perfect combination of the two of us. :-)


  1. He's definitely a good mix, but I'd say moreso you. By a smidge. :) We always felt that way about Ethan, but now everyone - even us - says me. :)

  2. You're about 4 1/2+ mo. old in that pic. (I know since it was taken at Daytona in March.) I go with a good blend, but leaning towards Mom. Jordan's face looks longer and slimmer and I think Jude has your eye shape. It'll be fun to keep comparing pics.:-)

  3. It's a tough one... but if I had to pick I'd say you :)