August 22, 2011

August memories.

Far too many summers have gone by without me digging my feet into the sand and walking in the waves.  Not this one!  I really have no excuse, living in West Michigan within an hour of a few beaches.  But of course, in previous years work always seemed to get in the way.

Hubby and I decided to take our sabbath at the beach this weekend.  Call it an extension of our anniversary weekend. :-)  But the fresh air and waves were much needed. 

Trying out the Ergo for the first time.  We decided he might not be big enough for it yet.  Either that or we're doing it wrong - he looks kinda squished!

Picnic @ the beach.

Walking the pier.

Little pumpkin face.
He fell asleep shortly after this... treasuring these moments. :-)

I love making new memories with our little family.  It was SO nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air.  We told ourselves we would do this more often.

What plans do you have to squeeze in this summer yet?


  1. what great pictures!!! your family is absolutely adorable!!!!

  2. so cute! I actually have the infant insert for the Ergo (thought it was a waste of money at first, but it was awesome) we used it until she was 5 months old. It might not be worth it anymore, but maybe for #2... :) Love the photos...enjoy the little baby moments!

  3. The pictures of you with jude are beautiful!

  4. We need to exchange emails :-) Luke doesn't like his ergo. I can't figure it out! I work from home too and our boys are so close in age! Beautiful pictures!

  5. My plan is also to enjoy the beach more! We have it literally 2 minutes from our doorstep, and I don't take enough advantage of it. We took a leisurely walk yesterday and got an empanada at the concession stand as the twilight set in--it was lovely.

  6. Lovely photos! You guys are a beautiful family. I love Jude's eyes! :) What a fun day. Can you believe I haven't been to the beach yet!?!? ugg. We are headed down to FL, though, for Jonathan's work. Hopefully that will be fun and relaxing.