August 19, 2011

A day that changed everything.

5 years ago today I woke up with my heart full of anticipation and excitement.  Much to my surprise, I still slept well the night before {thanks be to God!}.  But August 19, 2006 would be the day my heart would become one with the man I love.

I remember on my way to the church, stopping by a Walgreens to pick up some extra bobby-pins and hair-spray.  Using my credit card, I signed my maiden name for the last time.  Such an odd feeling.  But I was thrilled to start a new family... and truly, to grow our existing families.  I am SO SO SO blessed... and thankful to have had YOU to call family for the past 5 years.

Our story started as friends until a mission trip building habitat houses gave each of us a deeper look at each others hearts.  And we knew that we wouldn't be the same.  We dated for 11 months before becoming engaged, and were married 6 months later.  I was 21.  Looking back, it sounds so rushed... but sometimes love does that to you.  I know today I wouldn't have done it any other way.

It is funny how when you have something GOOD... something God-given and full of truth and love... how Satan tries to taint it.  Our first year of marriage was HARD.  We'll tell that to anyone.  There is nothing like marriage to show you your own selfishness and sin.  It is something you must fight for.  And fight we have.  We need to decide daily to stop fighting each other {reminding each other I am not your enemy}, and in turn fight for oneness in our marriage.  Fight for Christ-centeredness.  Fight against worldliness and the MANY things that try to devalue marriage.  No, we will fight for US until the day we die.

And there is NO ONE ELSE I'd rather be on this journey with.  I have to say this past year I have seen more than any other year what an amazing, Godly man I have married.  He put me first time and time again when I was pregnant.  Served me hand and foot.  Drove around town to buy me food I could tolerate (and went to fetch me McFlurries on multiple occasions).  He always offers to get up to get me a glass of water or make me a cup of tea.  He does the laundry and dishes without asking.  He loves his little boy more than anything.  {P.S. How attractive is a man caring for their baby??}

And he loves me unconditionally.  Good and bad.  Messy.  Unorganized.  Sometimes emotional.  Me.

The wonderful girls we shared our day with.

The best wedding reception ever {in my opinion} as friends and family provided the entertainment.  Love love love.

Happy 5 years babe. 


  1. Happy Anniversary :)

    I love you honesty about your first year of Marriage! I had a really hard time adjusting to married life and often feel like people look at me like I have 3 eyes when I tell them about it.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary :) Beautiful wedding photos!

  3. Happy anniversary!! I also really loved your honesty about that first hard year. Even if it's our own sin bringing about the tough parts, I think that God uses those hard times to give us 'credentials' to help others down the road. I'm sure the lessons you learned will be passed on to so many other young women that you come in touch with through the years!