August 4, 2011

Drumroll please....

I'm not writing this to brag... okay, maybe a teeny bit, because I'm so excited.  Mainly because this doesn't come easy to me.  But... this morning I stepped on the scale and...

10 pounds UNDER my pre-preg weight... aka... my goal weight.

Yes, you read that right.  I remember after Jude was born I was thinking it would take 6 months to get back to my pre-preg weight.  Well, that took 2 months.  2 months later I dropped an additional 10lbs.  I am SO happy.  I feel like I always have one eye on the scale, because if I don't, it seriously tends to creep rather quickly!  It feels so nice to wear jeans that I haven't fit in in 2 years. 

What have I done?  I attribute it to breastfeeding and focusing on eating clean and natural.  I am not counting calories (stopped about 2 months ago), but eating lots and lots of veggies... and not many processed foods.  The CSA we joined has been a huge help.  I wonder if being dairy-free for the past 2 months has helped as well?

Who knows.  I just know I feel good and healthy.  I feel so much better when I am putting good nutritious food in my body.  The next step?  Exercise.  I walk most days with Jude (I estimate about 2-3 miles each day), but I need to get back on the yoga wagon.  I remember feeling so strong when I was doing yoga daily.  I found and it is my new favorite for exercising.  Perhaps that will be my August goal.  Getting one step closer to an all-around healthy lifestyle.  And perhaps a new goal weight to keep up the motivation.  :-)


  1. Way to go! What an accomplishment!

  2. congrats lindsy - that always feels good. you are a beautiful mama!