September 28, 2011

Dear Jude :: 6 months old

Dear Jude-bug,

You are SIX MONTHS OLD!!  You have been in this world one half of a year, and I can hardly believe it!  Not to sound like an old record... but it has FLOWN.

You are getting increasingly interested in the world around you.  You are getting more and more interactive with your daddy and me.  It is so fun to see you start to show more affection, because you love us.  You give big slobbery kisses and grab us to bury your face in us, which I consider a form of hugging. :-)

You are sitting up pretty good on your own, but are still a little bit wobbly.  You still LOVE standing and your jumperoo.  You aren't crawling, but roll all over the place to get to what you want.  You also have started pushing yourself on your belly with your feet a little bit.  On your video monitor, most of the time you have scooted yourself off the camera.

You are now mostly a side and belly sleeper!  You have started to eliminate your 3rd nap, which makes for some long awake times and interesting evenings.  You now go to bed closer to 7pm most nights and will wake up around 3-5am and wake up for good between 7:30-8am.  We are starting to do a bottle at night before bed to make sure you get a good feeding, because at night you tend to get impatient nursing. :-)  It has been a struggle for the past couple of months at night, but we hope that a bottle will fill you up and keep you from waking because you are hungry. 

According to my inaccurate scale, you weigh approximately 16lbs and are somewhere around 28-29 inches long.  You have a doctors appointment in a couple of weeks where we will get a more accurate reading.  (You were 15lbs 6.5oz and 27"... dropped to the 11th percentile for weight and the 70th for height, but still very healthy!)  But you have consistently been in the 50th percentile for weight and about the 95th for height.  You also just moved into 9 month clothes.  Yes, I just said 9 MONTH clothes!

You don't have any real words yet, but you do a very distinctive "mummummum" especially when you are being whiny. :-)  I wonder what your first word will be?  You have also started to do fake laughs and coughs.  It is hard to tell which you intend it to be.  Haha.  But you think you are quite funny.  And so does mommy. :-)

Your 6th month also marks Mama starting to be a stay-at-home-mom!!  So we get to hang out EVERY DAY! :-)  I can't wait to see you grow and discover the world.  It is such a joy to be your mama.

Love love love,



  1. LOL...these are the best pictures! I've never seen him make that crunched up nose face...funny. I can't wait to see Jude-bug a lot more often...get my spoiling going!

  2. He really is adorable! :) Love his eyes!

  3. you have a jude, too! those blue eyes are so sweet!

    to answer your question..

    we start training when they start reaching..usually around 5 months. hope that helps! :)