September 25, 2011

Small changes.

Sometimes, it really IS the little things.  I did yoga today for the first time in months.  And I feel great!  I haven't felt so energized, but relaxed (different from tired or exhausted!) in a long time.  I am so glad I took a little bit of time this morning for myself.  It is SO easy for me to get caught up in the mommy-hood fog and I forget I need to take care of myself too!  Yes, right now, my life revolves around Jude.  But all too often lately, I am recognizing that in order to be a better mommy, I need to stop and make sure I am right.

This goes back to my whole I'm going to be more intentional about my time goal.  Yes, that again.  Ugh, but I gotta say I've failed miserably.  It is hard to have energy and motivation to do things when you are running on low sleep.  But it is so important that I take care of myself or else I am just a zombie in baby-land who hasn't showered in 3 days and whose life consists of dishes, diapers, and laundry {and I've lived there for awhile, trust me}.

And because I love lists and I am using this to encourage myself to action, here are a few small changes that I think will help me to be the best me.

Get in the Word. I've been better at this lately than I have been in years.  Something about being a mommy that made me realize I need to be on my knees more often than I'm not.  I've been going through 1 Peter the past month or so, and it has reminded me that I belong to Christ and not to the world any more.  That is a lesson I could stand to hear every day.
Exercise.  Yes, I plan to keep up my 1 day trend of yoga in the morning.  I feel too good today not to.
Nutrition. I've been gluten-free, and dairy-free for the past 4 months (slipping on gluten from time-to-time, but not dairy).  I know not everyone is like me, but I truly feel what I eat right away.  If I eat crap, I feel like crap.  If I eat healthy, I feel great.  'Nuff said.
Housework. UGGHH.  It HAUNTS me.  But it is the little things, once again, that add up.  Taking 5 minutes to wash a few dishes helps it not become an overwhelming task later.  Doing a load of laundry each day is easy, and there is no daunting "laundry day" to dread.  I function much better in a clean-ish home without those tedious tasks hanging over my head.
Focused time with my boys.  Quality time is my love language.  Simple as that.  If I take care of the rest of these things, I feel better and am able to really let myself have that time with Jordan and Jude without thinking about the housework.  So, I get on the floor and read books with Jude or play "superbaby" or "airplane" or "blast off".  And I can be 100% there.

I really want to be the best me, so that I can be an intentional mother.  So I can keep up with my boy (who is already wearing me out at 6 months old).  And have a life filled by the Spirit.  So, more important than blogging a certain number of times a week or checking facebook 5 times a day, I'm going to make sure I'm right first.  The rest of that stuff just doesn't matter.  I want to encourage and support Jordan like it's my job.  I want to love on my boy and discover the world with him.  And teach him about Christ.  But I cannot do any of that unless I am abiding first and foremost.

As a good friend says, give the Lord the "first fruits" of your day.

I know I find that when I take the time to put my priorities in order, the rest of the day goes a whole lot better.  I feel more rested, but motivated.  It is the small changes day in and day out that add up to a blessed life. 

Thank you for putting up with my ramblings.  You know how it is when you have something on your heart and you just need to get it out!

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  1. I love reading your posts because I can always COMPLETELY relate. Its definitly a challenge to keep up with everything, but all we can do is try and continue to encourage each other :) So, keep up the good work...I know you're a great momma (and wife)!