October 28, 2011

Dear Jude :: 7 months

Guess who is 7 months old?  You'll never believe it.

 You are {still} SO much fun and on the move!!  You so badly want to crawl and climb on things, and you are close!  One of these days you're just going to take off!

You are SO goofy and love getting a laugh out of whoever is around.  You have gotten more snuggly as you get older {which mama loves!} and give kisses regularly.  You also have started to give "high fives", but sometimes you are shy about your new skills.

You are now taking a solid two naps a day.  You can stay awake 3-4 hours at a time now {although you get kinda crank when we get close to that 4 hour mark}. You eat 4 times a day, and still have one feeding at night.  After your 6 month pediatrician appointment, we realized you may not be gaining as much weight as you need to be (only gained 3 pounds between 2 and 6 months!).  So now you get at least two 8 oz. bottles a day of breastmilk mixed with formula, and nurse the rest.  You still love your solids and have started drinking from a sippy cup from time to time.  You do best with the ones with a straw.

Monkey face?
You love sitting {which you do great now!} and playing with your stacking cups or your play toolbench.  You still love going for walks and playing with Daddy and Macy.  You love standing and bouncing like crazy.  You sure are a bouncing baby boy!  

Mamaw and Papaw have been staying with us this month until they buy a house.  And last week Aunt Krista and Uncle Ben visited!  They were so excited to see how big you've gotten!

Love you more than anything, little mister!

Love, Mama

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