October 21, 2011

Recovering... and on the move!

We've been sick over here.
And tired.

My poor sweet boy caught a horrible cold about a week ago.  Complete with a snot crusted face, coughing attacks in the middle of the night, and horrible horrible sleep.  Oh, did I mention, we hardly slept?  I have never been so tired.  Even as a newborn, Jude slept better than when he was sick. 

Little sicky... hanging out in our PJ's.
And then Jordan and I caught it.  But now we are all recovering and trying to get back to life as usual. 

While this sickness left me feeling like I was hit by a bus, it sure didn't slow Jude down.  This boy is bound and determined to crawl.

How did I get out here?
 Diaper changes have become more challenging, as this boy does NOT want to be on his back, but rather on his belly moving moving moving!  Right now he ends up going backwards frequently and often resorts to rolling toward his destination. 

I give him until Thanksgiving to perfect it.  Which means it is time to babyproof!

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