November 16, 2011

A load of crock.

Tonight I am bringing dinner to some dear friends who just welcomed a new little bundle to their family a few weeks ago.  I resorted to my favorite "bring 'em a meal" recipe, Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili by skinnytaste.  I've found quite a few excellent recipes from her site!

Doesn't it look delicious??  This morning I threw all the ingredients into the crock pot and put it on high and the aroma of an already-made delicious dinner is slowly filling my home.  And I find myself thinking... 

Why the heck don't I do this more often??

I'm not a cook.  I'm not all that good at it, nor do I like to do it.  Hence, crock pot.  But I rarely use the crock pot.  Not sure why.  But today, I am vowing to change that!  

Today, I'm asking you for your favorite crock-pot recipes.  Link to them in the comments or just write out the recipes.  I'm BEGGING you!!  I will be forever grateful for the many nights you will save me from staring into my refrigerator waiting for that perfect delicious dinner to pop out of nowhere.


  1. Belive it or not, I have ZERO slow cooker recipes on my site! Yikes! That said, I do have one on the way that is awesome--slow cooker Tikka Masala.
    If you're looking for something really easy that makes a ton (and freezes well), you should try this split pea soup:
    You literally toss everything in a pot (okay, with some chopping of the veggies beforehand), and then it just simmers for an hour.


    one of my favorites

  3. I have a couple of crockpot cookbooks that you can borrow any time. I need to use mine a lot more, too. I love not having to cook at 5:00.

  4. hey lindsy, i like the slow cooker section from Gluten Free Goddess ( there are lots of creative ones on there. many are also dairy free!