November 11, 2011

Made on Tuesday.

I wasn't always a crafty person.  In fact, three years ago I wasn't into DIY or hand-making stuff AT ALL.  I'm not sure what changed that, but now I can't get enough.

Maybe it was my discovering Etsy and getting the wheels turning in my head... that doesn't look SO hard.  Or maybe it was baby fever that hit around that same time.  I made bibs and burp cloths galore long before Jude was even a little blueberry in my belly.  And then there is Pinterest.  Oh, Pinterest.

In any case, about two and a half years ago I randomly bought my first sewing machine and we've been buds {and sometimes enemies} ever since!

Luckily I have some pretty awesome crafty friends.  For the past year and a half or so, I've been getting together almost weekly with some of my best college buds.  My old roomies, Holly and Sharlynn, and an old friend from middleschool/highschool/college, Maggie, and I get together most every Tuesday night to craft.  Oh, and eat.  And sometimes watch The Bachelor.  And just gab.  Ya know, girl stuff.  Tuesday has quickly become one of my favorite nights of the week.  It's been my "me time" break every week and a chance to unwind from dealing with a crazy boy all day {who I love}.

One day one of us {I don't remember who} had the idea of "hey, we could make some money doing this... why don't we join a craft show?".  Brilliant!  So, we are!  TOMORROW!  Needless to say, I've been crafting WAY more than on Tuesdays to get my stuff together for this craft show.  
We call ourselves Pickles and Ice Cream Shop and will be selling items for baby and mama!  We're talking bibs, headbands, barettes, booties, and beanies for baby and necklaces and things for the home for ladies.  

Here are a few of the things I've made myself.

 If any of you are local, you are welcome to come!  It is from 9a-2p at 
Borculo Christian School 6830 96th Ave Zeeland, MI 49464.

I'm considering opening an Etsy shop to sell some of what I don't at the craft show.  And just for some extra cash, because who couldn't use some of that?

What are some of the crafty items you've made lately?

Do any of you have an Etsy shop?  Feel free to link to it in your comment! 


  1. Love the name! What a great idea...for several reasons. Wish I was going to be in town so I could go.:-/ Have fun...(and make money)! Mom

  2. So cute! I want to learn how to make bibs. I can make things here and there and have loved and hated my sewing machine...bibs are next on my list. I just printed a pattern last week, actually.

  3. Wow, your craft stuff is beautiful! I would totally wear any of those necklaces, and grace my baby (if I had one =) with any of those bibs! And I love the name of your brand. Very, very cool. I wish I could say I was crafty . . . but I'm not. Which means I admire it in others all the more!

  4. Oooo, I love the name :) And your stuff is super cute! Wish I was in town so I could come see everything in person.

    And, you should totally open an Etsy shop. I have one and its great for extra cash, while getting to indulge in something aside from baby :) If you have any questions along the way, definitely let me know.

    Oh, and I'm going to ping you on FB about some vaccine info if you don't mind :)