December 29, 2011

Dear Jude :: 9 months

Dear Jude,

This past month has been a whirwind!  It was like you suddenly started understanding the world and it is SO much fun to see you grow.

You were not in the mood for pictures today!
You now say "mama" and "dada".  You say both appropriately, but everything is "dada".  You understand so much.  If I ask, you will point to the light, the Christmas tree, your cup, the puppy, your bottle, Mama, and Dada.  You point to your favorite characters in your books.  You got a little baby cell phone for Christmas, and you will hold it up to your ear just like Mama and Dada.  The other day you took your brush and started brushing Dada's hair.  You also give kisses on command.  You are just growing up so fast!!

Do we have to do this now???
You had your 9 month Doctor's appointment today and have grown so much in the past few months!  You now weigh 20lbs 4oz (50th percentile) and 28.5" tall (60th percentile).  You are no longer in 9 month clothes... all 12 month over here, you big boy.  You drink about 24-28oz of formula a day.  You are eating a lot of finger foods, but still get puree's once in awhile.  Your favorite is blueberries.  You'll eat them without fail.  You also ate half an avocado today!  You'll eat most anything so long as you are feeding yourself. :-)

Spaghetti dinner tonight!
You are now crawling!  Well... in your own way.  You still do the army-crawl, but you are one fast little bugger.  The doctor said that all babies crawl different and if that is the way you've decided to get around that is perfectly normal.  Of course your preferred way to get around is to walk holding onto Mama or Dada's fingers.  We'll see if you are an early walker!  I at least hope you walk by the time little brother or sister arrives!

Nope, definitely not in the mood for pictures.
Really, Mom??
Diaper changes are... well... challenging.  You instantly crawl away and throw a mini tantrum when we drag you back.  You're starting to get into a lot of things that you're not supposed to.  For example, doggy toys, power cords, cell phones, and cabinets/drawers.  We've had to start using a firm "NO" to keep you out of trouble.  You do a good job of listening sometimes, but not always. :-)

Post-bathtime hair tonight.
All-in-all, you are a lot of work for Mama, but sooo much fun!  You are changing from baby to little boy right before our eyes.  

Love you, little mister!  


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