December 2, 2011

The second time around.

I really don't like to complain about being pregnant.  It is a huge blessing that we got pregnant so easily (too easily?) this time around.  But there are some huge differences between being pregnant for the first time and being pregnant this time.

Mainly, this little guy.

Nausea and wretched, foul, gag-inducing diapers do not mix well.  Nausea and just taking care of my 8 month old don't mix well.  I don't know if I feel sicker this time or not (funny how we forget), but I am pretty much feeling an all-day sick-to-my-stomach uggghhhh type of feeling.  To which my doctor says, "awesome, you know how to make my day!".  

I know this means I have a healthy little bean growing inside me.  For that I am thankful.  But, in the meantime... I just feel like a deadbeat mom.  I am exhausted beyond belief and I love my little guy to pieces, but I am simply wiped out.  I am on Zofran, which seems to keep the puking at bay, but hasn't done much for the all-day nausea. 

Another difference?  Those "rumors" that you show earlier with your second?  Uhhh yeah!  At 8 weeks pregnant my mom was already telling me I was popping!  Now at 10 weeks I'm refusing to wear the bella-band, but some pants just demand it.  I'm planning on taking monthly pictures like last time, but kind of dreading the comparison.  I'm afraid I'll look more like the 20 week picture from last time at 12 weeks.  

I am NOT planning on doing weekly blog updates again this time.  Sorry second child.  I promise I will try to take as many pictures of you once you are here.  But as far as blogging weekly?  Just not going to happen.  I WILL try to blog monthly along with my monthly pictures.  But things change when you have an 8 month old {and apparently when you're the second child}.

Bitty Baby Jude... at 2 weeks old.
 All in all, every day the idea of bringing another baby into the world becomes more and more real.  I find myself more and more excited to have a little snuggly bundle again, to nurse again, and more than anything, see my children grow up together, love each other, play with each other.  I just know that is going to be such a blessing.

There is just something special about siblings.

Sisters... in 2005!


  1. Wow, I can't imagine going through the exhaustion and nausea while all the while taking care of another little one! Yikes. I'll pray that God will sustain your energy to do the mothering you have to do!

  2. You are expecting again?! CONGRATS!!!! I can't imagine how different it is (for some of the reasons you mentioned) but you can do it Momma. I actually have a "new friend" (my mommy friends) who will have 2 boys 51 weeks apart. And another friend w/ triplets and a single on the way 13 months later. So you can def do it :)