November 28, 2011

Dear Jude :: 8 months

Dear Jude,

You are growing like a weed.  You gained 2 pounds between 6 and 7 months and I'm sure you weigh at least 18.5-19lbs by now!  You are getting taller and taller too.  And let's not even mention your hair.

It is a crazy mess!  I feel like if I want a cute clean-cut boy I gotta get the scissors out NOW.  But... I kinda like the messy long-haired boy look.  We'll rock it for at least another month. :-)

You're still in 6-9 month clothes, but are basically busting out of your sleepers, you long boy you.  So we went on a shopping spree the other day to stock up on 12 month clothes.  I can't believe it!!  

I thought for sure you'd be crawling by Thanksgiving, but you've decided that rolling is easier, so you still pretty much roll everywhere you need to go.  You have started to get on your knees and do a bit of an army crawl.  I bet by Christmas you'll be all over the place.  

You are also SUCH a comedian.  You have figured out what makes people laugh and your sense of humor is developing more and more.  You are such a goof-ball and I love that about you!

Crazy hair!!
We are no longer nursing at all {a story for another post}.  This made mama sad, but you made it clear that you were DONE!  And my supply just wasn't enough for you anymore.  So, now you get about 24oz of formula a day.  This is usually between 3-4 bottles.  We use Earth's Best Organic Formula and you haven't complained once.  You also eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner of solid food.  You LOVE the green Puff's.  And you love more and more finger food.  Some of your favorites are avocado, blueberries, pears, and bananas.  But you have about 4-5 jars of babyfood also each day.

And you are SLEEPING. THROUGH. THE. NIGHT.  For you, this means 12-13 hours.  7pm until 7/8am.  This is just amazing. 

Oh... and one more thing... you're going to be a BIG BROTHER!!  You're going to be the best {and littlest} big brother there is. :-)  I can't wait to see you and your new sibling play together and just love each other!

I love you more and more every day.  Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life!


Love, Mama

November 26, 2011

Many Thanks.

Thanks to everyone for all the congrats and support!!  It is nice to know there are so many people who can relate... both to the "oh crap" response and just having kids close.  I know I can do it!!  I just get a bit freaked out from time to time.

I didn't do a traditional Thanksgiving post this year, since I did my special announcement.  But I have MUCH to be thankful for.

Today, though, I am especially thankful for this little guy.  Last night Jordan and I spent a good hour just looking through pictures of the last 8 months and videos we've recorded.  We have been SO BLESSED by Jude.  It's hard to believe he is the product of Jordan and me.  We thank God for him every day!!  I know with #2 the love will just grow. :-)

Here are a few peeks at our Thanksgiving weekend.

November 24, 2011


It is October 25.  I've been feeling a bit "off" for a few days.  Extra cranky maybe.  Tired... exhausted, really.  But I've had a sick baby, so that accounts for that, right?  Oh, and I'm STARVING.  But, I'm still nursing... and sometimes this appetite gets out of control.  

But it is "that time"... and someone isn't showing up.  You know who I mean {Aunt Flow}.  But of course I've always been irregular.  I could have my dates off.  And it would be a very off chance that we'd be... ya know.  BUT... just to prove that little nagging thought in my head wrong, I got a pregnancy test.  

I tell myself on the morning of October 25, if "you know who" hasn't shown up I'll take a test.  So, I did.  That morning, I grabbed the test, did my thing, and stuck it on the dresser while I went to get Jude up for the day.  I start our morning nursing session and take a look at it.  And wouldn't ya know...

You might remember my complete shock when we found out we were pregnant with Jude.  But we were trying.  We had been for over a year, actually.  So the idea of being pregnant was one that I was expecting sooner or later.  My shock this time absolutely does not compare.  TOTALLY FLOORED.  

I never understood people who weren't completely thrilled when they found out they were pregnant.  We tried so long with Jude, I just couldn't wrap my mind around not being excited about a baby.  But now I get it.  I think my first thought was "oh crap" {I hate that that was my first reaction} And I am full of fear.  We're still nursing and that means I might have to wean... and I'm not ready for that.  I just bought brand new non-maternity clothes.  What about Jude?  Will he feel second-best or jealous?  Crap, they're going to be 15 MONTHS APART!!  I had a mini big-time freak-out.  I called Jordan in and just showed him the test.  "No way!!".  Yes way.  

It is a weird place to be in.  It wasn't too long ago that an announcement like mine would have cut like a knife while we spent over a year trying to get pregnant with Jude.  I remember I honestly did not understand how people "accidentally" got pregnant after I had everything perfect month after month after month.  It's painful for some to hear these announcements.  I don't want to just let that acknowledgement slide.

It still has taken some time to sink in.  I had a lot of fear at first.  Mostly about how this would change my relationship with Jude.  But after spending some time in prayer, I have come to a few realizations.

1.  Fear is not of the Lord.

2. The Lord gave me this precious child... NOT by accident.

3. My children are not mine... but the Lord's... and He will give me all I need to be a good parent to both of them.

4. Siblings are an amazing gift!

5. My kids are going to keep growing up... and I can't stop them.

So, now I am super excited.  I always said that two weeks after Jude was born I was ready to do it all over again, and that's true.  Somehow, I just freaked out when it happened.  But I can't wait to add to our family and for Jude to have a little brother or sister so close in age!  I will say that pregnancy and all of it's wonderful symptoms are a lot more fun and easier when you aren't wrestling an almost 8-month-old most of the day!  Thank the Lord for Zofran. :-)  My doctor has kept a very close eye on me since first trimester is always kinda scary for me.  Thank goodness we've seen a healthy heartbeat twice and everything is looking perfect!

Due date... June 30ish. :-)  It's about to be a wild ride folks.

November 20, 2011


We've been hearing a lot of "mamamamama" and "bababababa" and "dadadadadaaaaa!" lately.  Enjoy. :-)  At least I think he's pretty cute.

November 16, 2011

A load of crock.

Tonight I am bringing dinner to some dear friends who just welcomed a new little bundle to their family a few weeks ago.  I resorted to my favorite "bring 'em a meal" recipe, Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili by skinnytaste.  I've found quite a few excellent recipes from her site!

Doesn't it look delicious??  This morning I threw all the ingredients into the crock pot and put it on high and the aroma of an already-made delicious dinner is slowly filling my home.  And I find myself thinking... 

Why the heck don't I do this more often??

I'm not a cook.  I'm not all that good at it, nor do I like to do it.  Hence, crock pot.  But I rarely use the crock pot.  Not sure why.  But today, I am vowing to change that!  

Today, I'm asking you for your favorite crock-pot recipes.  Link to them in the comments or just write out the recipes.  I'm BEGGING you!!  I will be forever grateful for the many nights you will save me from staring into my refrigerator waiting for that perfect delicious dinner to pop out of nowhere.

November 15, 2011


A few people have been asking about our craft show and I thought I'd share how the day went.

My crafting buddies... a.k.a. the preggos... Maggie and Sharlynn.
So... all in all I'd say the craft show was a success.  And by success I mean, we didn't sell nothing... and at least I broke about even with my expenses.  But it did not go NEAR as well as we had hoped.  We sold 7 items total.  :-(  We kind of think it wasn't quite the right crowd.  And we got some good ideas for some changes and additions to make our items more appealing.  And we are NOT giving up.  An Etsy shop is still in my mind, perhaps after the holidays.

If you would like a necklace for the holidays, email me and I'll send you pics of what I have.  I'm open to some custom orders as well.  I was selling the necklaces for $12 at the craft show, but would include shipping if you require it shipped.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

In other successes.  This little boy has gone the past 4 nights without needing to eat in the middle of the night.  And ONE of those nights he didn't make a peep for 12.5 hours.

I do kind of miss those middle of the night snuggles.  But I REALLY can't complain about getting a full nights sleep.  That hasn't happened in about... 8 months or so.  And I still have the video monitor to watch his sweet cheeks sleep at night.  Does this make me a mommy stalker?  Nah.  If I'm still doing that when he's 16 you can confront me on it.

November 11, 2011

Made on Tuesday.

I wasn't always a crafty person.  In fact, three years ago I wasn't into DIY or hand-making stuff AT ALL.  I'm not sure what changed that, but now I can't get enough.

Maybe it was my discovering Etsy and getting the wheels turning in my head... that doesn't look SO hard.  Or maybe it was baby fever that hit around that same time.  I made bibs and burp cloths galore long before Jude was even a little blueberry in my belly.  And then there is Pinterest.  Oh, Pinterest.

In any case, about two and a half years ago I randomly bought my first sewing machine and we've been buds {and sometimes enemies} ever since!

Luckily I have some pretty awesome crafty friends.  For the past year and a half or so, I've been getting together almost weekly with some of my best college buds.  My old roomies, Holly and Sharlynn, and an old friend from middleschool/highschool/college, Maggie, and I get together most every Tuesday night to craft.  Oh, and eat.  And sometimes watch The Bachelor.  And just gab.  Ya know, girl stuff.  Tuesday has quickly become one of my favorite nights of the week.  It's been my "me time" break every week and a chance to unwind from dealing with a crazy boy all day {who I love}.

One day one of us {I don't remember who} had the idea of "hey, we could make some money doing this... why don't we join a craft show?".  Brilliant!  So, we are!  TOMORROW!  Needless to say, I've been crafting WAY more than on Tuesdays to get my stuff together for this craft show.  
We call ourselves Pickles and Ice Cream Shop and will be selling items for baby and mama!  We're talking bibs, headbands, barettes, booties, and beanies for baby and necklaces and things for the home for ladies.  

Here are a few of the things I've made myself.

 If any of you are local, you are welcome to come!  It is from 9a-2p at 
Borculo Christian School 6830 96th Ave Zeeland, MI 49464.

I'm considering opening an Etsy shop to sell some of what I don't at the craft show.  And just for some extra cash, because who couldn't use some of that?

What are some of the crafty items you've made lately?

Do any of you have an Etsy shop?  Feel free to link to it in your comment! 

November 7, 2011


  • I have been loving being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom).  Although, the week I left my job is the same week my parents moved to MI and they have been living with us for the past 5+ weeks!  So I haven't gotten a true taste of SAHM-hood as there have been other people besides Jude to interact with.  But I have loved being a full-time mommy nonetheless.
  • On November 1 Jude cut his first tooth!  And number two wasn't too far behind.  We no longer have a toothless gummy little boy.  And those little nubs are SHARP!
  •  Jude has been taking more bottles after my concern that he wasn't gaining enough weight.  He only gained 3 lbs between 2 and 6 months of age.  Since starting more bottles he gained 2 lbs in one month!  He weighed in at 17 lbs 6.5 oz last week.  It feels good to have that assurance that I made the right choice!
  • Diaper changing is a bit like wrestling an alligator.  And even more difficult using cloth diapers.  I'm thinking we might be done with the prefolds sooner than later and getting more all-in-ones.
  • I've been crafting like a mad-woman making little lovelies for a craft show I'm a part of this weekend.  I'm making cute rosette necklaces and some bibs, burp-cloths and things for baby.  We'll see how it goes!  If I make some cash I might do more craft shows around or open at Etsy shop or something.  But I'm doing the craft show with some of my best buds from college - Sharlynn, Holly, and Maggie.  I gotta admit, as much as I love crafting, it is more fun to have an excuse to get together with these ladies every Tuesday night.
  • I made a DELICIOUS soup from a recipe I found on pinterest.  Check it out!  Yum yum!!
  • I'm helping to lead worship for a Women's event at church this Thursday.  I haven't sung since before Jude was born, so I'm excited, albeit nervous!  It'll be great to use these pipes again and worship the Lord with some awesome women.
  • I've been having a hard time making "me time" lately.  I miss reading as much as I used to and feel a bit like I'm going through the motions.  Which is life at times.  I have to remember that there are seasons for everything. 
  • Resting in the comfort of a sovereign God.  Knowing that His plans aren't always the same as mine... sometimes they are better.  Sometimes they are challenging.  But He is ALWAYS good.